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Terms of Live Advisor™

By purchasing a qualifying Live Advisor™ service plan ("Service Plan") on ("Fast Ventures" "" or "the Site"), the individual or entity ("Customer") agrees that the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") govern the delivery of services under the applicable Service Plan. If the Customer does not agree with the Terms and Conditions set forth hereunder, Customer should refrain from purchasing any Service Plan available on the Site. In the event Customer already purchased a Service Plan and needs to cancel such plan, Customer should contact Fast Ventures and request a refund within five business days of the Service Plan becoming effective. Any Service Plan available on the Site will become effective upon the date such Service Plan was purchased on

1. Services

Upon the purchase of a Service Plan, Fast Ventures will provide advisory services ("Advisory Services") to the Customer for documents or related information provided by Fast Ventures ("Supported Products") in a scope, frequency, duration, and timeliness as further described under the applicable Service Plan. Fast Ventures will only provide Advisory Services under any Service Plan for so long as doing so is consistent with the terms and conditions of the License Agreement that governs the use of Supported Products. The License Agreement is available at Fast Ventures reserves the right to make changes to any Service Plan at any time.

2. Limitations

2.1. Service Requests. Service Plans are provided for single, multiple, or unlimited service requests ("Service Requests"). Service Plans for a single Service Request are designed to provide assistance with a single specific problem, whose origin can be allocated or isolated to a single question, issue or subject matter. Fast Ventures will make all reasonable efforts to advise the Customer on how to resolve such a specific problem, but does not guarantee that such problem or issue can be resolved. Fast Ventures, in its sole discretion, determines what constitutes a single Service Request and, to the extent permissible under the law, if or when the Service Request has been completed. Generally, a Service Request has been completed when (i) the Customer receives information or advice that helps to resolve the problem or issue, (ii) it is determined that the problem or issue arises due to Customer error (including but not limited to incorrect computation or data input) or (iii) the allocated time to complete the Service Request has lapsed (e.g. Live Advisor™ One on One). Under Service Plans with a limited number of Service Requests, each new Service Request will reduce the remaining number of available Service Requests under such plan.

2.2. Response Times. Fast Ventures will make reasonable efforts to respond to Service Requests within a reasonable time or within the response time described under a qualifying Service Plan ("Response Times"), but does not guarantee that a response, in particular by a specific professional, will be provided within a specific time period. All Response Times are measured during regular business hours, which are from Monday through Friday, from 09:00am to 06:00pm, Eastern Time, except on national U.S. holidays or U.S. bank holidays.

2.3. Customer Contacts. Advisory Services under any Service Plan are provided to a single person (Live Advisor™ Express and Live Advisor™ One on One) or to multiple persons (Live Advisor™ Professional) designated by the Customer and as detailed under the applicable Service Plan ("Customer Contacts"). Customer Contacts are the sole liaisons between the Customer and Fast Ventures for Advisory Services rendered under any Service Plan.

3. Exclusions

Unless otherwise specifically stated in the Service Plan or agreed between Fast Ventures and the Customer in writing, Fast Ventures currently provides Advisory Services under any Service Plan only for Supported Products. Fast Ventures particularly disclaims any Service Requests that involve the development and creation of copyrighted material on behalf of the Customer, no matter whether or not such material is or will actually be copyrighted by the Customer. Fast Ventures further reserves the right, to reject any Service Plan purchased by a Customer and deny Advisory Services, in its sole discretion, for a specific reason or no reason at all.

4. Customer Responsibilities

To receive Advisory Services from Fast Ventures, the Customer must purchase a Service Plan for any qualifying Supported Product made available on Customer is responsible for all fees in establishing and maintaining email, Skype®, or telephone communications with Fast Ventures. Customer will cooperate with Fast Ventures when seeking Advisory Services related to a specific subject matter by providing all information necessary for Fast Ventures to provide a qualified answer and Advisory Services representing value above costs. Customer assumes, without limitation, all risks in connection with lost or altered files or data and subsequent restoration or reconstruction measures. Customer will maintain and implement a complete backup of any document or information in connection with which Advisory Services are sought and provided, especially before information that may be provided by Fast Ventures by means of supplying a patch, is incorporated by Customer into said document. The Customer is solely responsible for any and all security of its confidential or proprietary information and although Fast Ventures will treat any information disclosed by the Customer as confidential and proprietary, Fast Ventures will not enter into a confidentiality-, non-disclosure, or non-compete agreement with the Customer. Furthermore, the Customer agrees not disclose to Fast Ventures any confidential, proprietary, or any information that is subject to intellectual property rights that may expose Fast Ventures to any liabilities.

The Customer will have a reasonable understanding of the Supported Product for which it seeks Advisory Services and the financial and legal aspects working on such Supported Product requires. The Customer acknowledges that Advisory Services provided under any Service Plan do not include the development or creation of copyrighted material on behalf of the Customer.

Customer may not transfer, assign, or resell any Service Plan or Advisory Services to be provided under any Service Plan to a third party. Advisory Services are provided solely for the Customer's benefit and internal use and any unauthorized distribution of Advisory Services will be grounds for the immediate termination of the underlying Service Plan and Advisory Services provided thereunder. Customer will not abuse its receipt of Advisory Services, including but not limited to seeking Advisory Services for more than one Supported Product per Service Plan. Fast Ventures also reserves the right to impose a fair usage threshold ("Fair Usage") at any time and without prior notice to the Customer. Such Fair Usage may limit the number and frequency of Service Requests accepted fromthe Customer during the term of any Service Plan even if the applicable Service Plan or material describing the Service Plan reflect an unlimited number of Service Requests. Such Fair Usage should not give rise to a refund for fees paid for such Service Plan.

5. Disclaimer of Warranty

Although Fast Ventures cannot guarantee that every problem or issue will be resolved, or that Advisory Services will be provided so that they always reflect value above costs, Fast Ventures will make all reasonable efforts to perform and render Advisory Services under any Service Plan in a professional and ethical manner. To the extent permissible by law, the express warranty and remedies set forth herein, are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies, and conditions, whether oral or written, statutory, express or implied. As permissible by law, Fast Ventures specifically disclaims any and all statutory or implied warranties, related to or arising out of these Terms and Conditions, including any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

6. Limitation of Liability

To the extent permissible by law, Fast Ventures' liability under these Terms and Conditions will be limited to the amounts paid by Customer for the Service Plan ordered by Customer. In no event shall Fast Ventures have any liability for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to damages for lost profits, loss of data, loss of use of Supported Product, or interruption of business, arising in any way out of these Terms and Conditions, and Advisory Services provided under anyService Plan which is governed by these Terms and Conditions, under any legal theory, whether or not Fast Ventures have been advised of the possibility of such damage. Other disclaimers may be contained in the licensing agreement, which governs the use of Supported Products and which is incorporated herein by reference. The Licensing Agreement in its current form is available at Customer may have specific, additional, or other legal rights that vary from thoseset forth in these Terms and Conditions depending on the country, state, or province the Customer resides in.

7. Term and Termination

Unless terminated earlier in accordance with this section, a Service Plan will continue for the term of one month (1) or until all available Service Requests are used by the Customer. Fast Ventures will not respond to Service Requests beyond the end of the Service Plan unless the Customer renews the Service Plan on or before its termination date. Fast Ventures may terminate a Service Plan at any time if (i) Customer fails to pay fees due for a Service Plan, and (ii) Customer violates and/or continues to violate these Terms and Conditions, especially after having received a written warning or notice to desist. Sections 5, 6, and 8 of these Terms and Condition will survive the termination of a Service Plan governed hereunder.

8. General

Customer may not assign or transfer its rights or obligations under a Service Plan. Any unauthorized assignment or transfer will be void. Fast Ventures will not be liable for performance delays or for non-performance due to causes beyond its control. If a court of competent jurisdiction determines that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions will remain in full force and effect, and the parties will replace the invalid or unenforceable provision with a provision that is valid and enforceable and qualified to achieve the original intent of the parties and the economic effect hereunder. These Terms and Conditions, including any additional terms or agreements herein incorporated by reference, constitute the entire agreement between Customer and Fast Ventures with regard to the Service Plan and Advisory Services provided hereunder and supersedes all prior negotiations, agreements, and understandings with respect to the subject matter and no addition to or deletion from or modification of any of the provisions hereto shall be valid and legally binding unless they were made in writing and signed by the Customer and Fast Ventures.