Live Advisor Professional-Private Placement Memorandum

This service is offered by Fast Ventures and can be reviewed on fConfiguration::Get('web')services/live-advisor-professional-private-placement-memorandum.

Our Live Advisor™ Professional program is designed to provide critical expertise, experience, and hands-on support to workgroups of small issuers, financial intermediaries and legal professionals working on a private placement memorandum.

Stay on schedule, avoid additional costs for outside consultants, and maximize productivity with priority advisory services that are tailored to your individual requirements. Take advantage of an expert advisor that is on call and available to you whenever you got a question or encounter a challenge while working on your private placement memorandum.

Our Live Advisor™ Professional program is based on a monthly subscription that gives you access to your own dedicated expert advisor no matter how many incidents you require support with. Collaborate via email, over-the-phone or on Skype\"\"®; it’s completely up to you.